The People behind e-healthcare

e-Healthcare is one of People Source’s key business sectors and we recognise that the world of technology is moving faster every day and that it’s the people behind the technology that are most important to its continuous development.

e-health as a term came about in around 2000 and the areas in which it encompasses have been growing ever since.

Recently a member of the European Commission commented that“eHealth is the single-most important revolution in healthcare since the advent of modern medicine, vaccines, or even public health measures like sanitation and clean water”

Gone are the days of paper folders of patient information being stored in one location, e-healthcare has made it possible to obtain patient information fast and efficiently. In times of emergency this instantly accessible information has undoubtedly saved a large number of lives.

Confidentiality and security of patient information are also concerns. In any large scale system there‘s always the possibility of security breaches and data loss. Therefore e-health systems need to be robust, it’s key to source the right analysts, testing and data protection experts and it’s important that they have the skills and experience you need.

We’re passion about technology and what makes technology work, with e-healthcare, it’s definitely all about the people. Creating a ‘revolution’ takes innovation and for innovation you need smart thinkers, people who know e-healthcare inside out and people who are able to see through process and policy and deliver continuous improvement.

Our e-healthcare team at People Source work with a number of clients within the many areas of e-health, and have recruited a number of individuals that have effectively delivering information within the healthcare system.

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