People Source Consulting is delighted to announce its collaboration with AtkinsRéalis and CGI in the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) Digital and IT Professional Services (DIPS) Framework. This prestigious partnership underscores our commitment to enhancing the digital capabilities vital for the UK’s defence.

People Source Consulting is thrilled to partner with two industry giants, AtkinsRéalis and CGI, under the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) Digital and IT Professional Services (DIPS) Framework. AtkinsRéalis, a global leader in professional services and project management, is set to deliver on three key lots of the DIPS Framework. These include Lot 1, covering Solution, Enterprise, and Technical Architecture among other specialties; Lot 3, focused on Cyber Security and Integrated Systems; and Lot 5, dedicated to Project, Programme, and Portfolio Management (P3M).

Equally noteworthy is our role in supporting CGI, a leading IT and business consulting services firm, as a subcontract partner. CGI, known for its cutting-edge technological solutions and client-centric approach, will be leading two crucial lots. Lot 2, which we will be contributing to, revolves around DevOps, System Design, and Applications Support, embodying the synergy between development and operations to streamline and enhance IT services. Lot 6, another area of our involvement, is centered on Intelligence Solutions, a critical component in the modern defence landscape, encompassing advanced data analysis, intelligence gathering, and security strategies.

This partnership with CGI and AtkinsRéalis in the DIPS Framework represents a remarkable convergence of expertise and innovation, positioning us at the forefront of transforming the UK’s defence digital capabilities. The DIPS Framework, governed by the MOD’s Digital Strategy for Defence, is a cornerstone in modernising the UK’s defence digital services. It is instrumental in procuring the essential skills for digital transformation, including those required for the UK Armed Forces worldwide. The framework, valued at up to £1.2 billion, is set to run until November 2027. The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has played a critical role in developing the DIPS framework and will serve as the framework authority, with the MOD overseeing customer engagement. In the fiscal year 2022/23, the CCS significantly contributed to public sector commercial benefits, achieving savings of £3.8 billion.

Nick Snelling, Associate Director at People Source Consulting, shared his thoughts on this significant milestone: “Our involvement in the DIPS Framework, alongside AtkinsRéalis and CGI, is a proud moment for People Source Consulting. This collaboration not only showcases our deep-rooted expertise in IT and digital services but also our unwavering dedication to supporting the MOD’s strategic objectives. We are committed to delivering innovative solutions that will contribute significantly to the modernisation and resilience of the UK’s defence sector. This partnership is a testament to our ability to work collaboratively with industry leaders and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of digital defence services.”