The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, you’ve probably heard of it as IoT. In a snapshot, it encompasses everything linked to the internet. It is changing how we live our lives, how we connect, how businesses are operating, manufacturing and delivering service. If you don’t think you’ve heard of it, you have definitely been exposed to it in some sense.

The world is already full of IoT innovation. It enables you to turn your heating on from your phone, why your car knows that there is traffic ahead and how you can see who is at your door whilst you are on holiday. Database company Statista forecast that over 75 billion IoT connected products will be part of everyday life by 2025.

IoT allows companies to focus on creating a network and connecting their products and services to the consumer. Why do they do this? For data. Combining devices and systems allows companies to be smarter. They can create a more sophisticated strategy for the consumer, track the usage of products, satisfy needs and maximise experiences.

In an ideal world, it is win-win. The consumer’s life is made easier and the business knows how to create on-going relationship with the consumer. Unfortunately, there is still a security risk. If every device is connected to the internet then there is the opportunity for those devices to be “hacked”. This is why the institution of Electrical and Electronics Standards Association is developing and introducing a large number of standards for companies to follow that protect the consumer.

Your business might have already started working with IoT connected devices and services or you might be gearing up to move towards it. You need to remember that it is your responsibility to create something beneficial, secure and that protects the user’s privacy. If not, it could be massively detrimental to your reputation and business.

The talent and resources you need will depend on your business. If you are in the dark about how to move forward then you can book in for a free consultation service with People Source. We will listen to your needs, advise on how you can utilise the tools you already have and the talent on the market that will help you achieve your connectivity goals.

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