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Our tips for writing a great CV

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People Source Recruitment Tips

There are two factors to consider when writing your CV:-

1. Will an employer get a good understanding of your experience level and all the skills you have to offer?
2. Will recruiters be able to find your CV and will the most pertinent information stand out?

Before you can apply for any job you need to ensure that recruiters are finding your CV amongst the other thousands on their database. You also need to ensure that when they do find your CV it is easy to read and it gives them a reason to call you. The following tips will ensure that you are gaining an advantage over the other candidates with similar skills to you.

Include a short, snappy paragraph with an overview of your career to date, your key skills, notable achievements and what your aims and objectives are for your next role.

Next, include a skills matrix which is well laid out and informs the reader of all of your technical skills, along with the length of commercial experience you have had with each technology. This will help recruiters quickly match your CV to the job specification. It will also ensure your CV is short-listed on the search engines which use keyword matching.

If you are early in your career and relatively inexperienced, list your education and achievements first, followed by your career achievements in chronological order starting with the most recent first.

If you are mid-level to experienced you should start with your previous work history, ensuring that you list the actual technologies you used in each company and what you actually did with them. Go into enough detail so that an employer understands your role and responsibilities (but not too much detail that they struggle to pick out the information that is important to their role).

Put your education at the end of the CV.

Interests and hobbies are always a contentious issue and opinions are divided. Some people will list their interests and hobbies, others won’t. Think about how they reflect your personality or if they demonstrate your strengths. If you play in a sports team it could show that you are a team player, if you have captained a sports team it can show that you have leadership qualities. These are good to include on a CV. You need to think carefully about including any weird and wacky interests and consider how somebody that doesn’t know you will view them!

Personal details such as age, marital status, children, religion, nationality etc have no bearing on whether you can do the job and should not be included.

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