Difficulty filling roles? Turns out you’re not alone

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in partnership with Adecco Group have recently released their Summer 2019 Labour Market Outlook report. Using survey data they looked at UK hiring and the difficulties that employers are currently facing in this landscape. We have read the document and one finding in particular grabbed our attention.

Among employers who currently have vacancies in their organisation, more than two-thirds (67%) report that some of these vacancies are proving hard to fill. In the past year more than four in ten (41%) employers say that it has become more difficult to hire.

Why is this happening? It’s hard to specify because there are many variables to consider when it comes to recruiting. It takes time and money to advertise, interview, screen candidates and hire. You could rush the process but this risks the quality of your hire and a slower process can impact the candidate experience and put them off joining your company.

The process becomes more intricate when it comes to senior appointments or if you need to rapidly scale up a team. For senior hires you might need to broaden your search to other countries and for hiring teams you could need to set up an internal team to properly find multiple specialists in your timeframe.

Every need is different, which is why we have developed tried and tested models to suit all hires that are proving challenging. As standard in all our models we ensure that our clients receive a partnership. We won’t half-heartedly fill your inbox with CV’s that have matching keywords or go AWOL as soon as we introduce a candidate.

We ensure that all clients have a main point of contact, an account manager, who will sit down at the start of the partnership to understand your needs and the ethos of your company. They ensure that you are supported throughout the entire recruitment life cycle and beyond. You’ll be supplied with cost-effective specialists who tick all the technical boxes but are also a cultural fit for your business.

If you are struggling to fill a role in any way, reach out to People Source and we will provide unbiased advice about how you can achieve your business goals. We will advise how our different recruitment models can be applied to your need and their merits for you.

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