CES 2019 is currently taking place in Nevada. It is the self-proclaimed “global stage for innovation” and showcases an abundance of future consumer technologies. With over 4,000 exhibitions, the products and services coming out of this shows that technology is taking over all aspects of our lives.

We already have smart phones, homes and warehouses working 24/7. Artificial Intelligence is developing at a mind-blowing rate with driverless cars, robot restaurant servers and drone delivery services. New generations are more involved in e-sports than ever and super HD televisions that make you feel like an extra in your favourite TV show.

Innovations are evolving how businesses operate; it’s allowing companies to work longer and more efficiently to meet demand. It’s giving customers more control over their products through interactive user interfaces, 24/7 helplines and raising the expectations of what customer service should be. For the consumer, the future is bright and will keep getting better.

For businesses, the question is are you ahead of the times or is it time to think about how you’re going to get ahead? We’d love to have a conversation with you about how evolving technology has impacted you. Start the conversation by commenting on social media or call into the office on 0117 922 700.

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