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Working from home: 5 tips for staying focused

Working from home: 5 tips for staying focused

In the mist of COVID-19 the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has called for the British workers to avoid human contact, closed the pubs and to work from home where possible. This has caused many businesses to implement continuity plans for their survival. 

To do this, businesses need to make sure they are operating as a team, communicate, be flexible with those who have children and find innovative ways to keep their business moving forward, but what about the individual? What is the best way to keep yourself focused working from home (WFH) and weather the storm of Coronavirus?

Whether you have a home office to work in or you currently have your laptop set up on an ironing board, here is our advice for staying motivated while working from home:

1. Get dressed – You might not be seeing anyone that day, but you will feel far more productive if you change out of your holey PJ bottoms and decade old band t-shirt. You also never know when you might need to get on a video call at short notice. 

2. Get some air – If you can, get outside, grab some fresh air or go for a walk (if you keep your distance from others). It will break up the transition of waking up to opening your laptop.

3. Avoid distractions – Start the day by writing a list of tasks you need to accomplish for that day as it will help you keep focused. As luring as the calls of Janet Street-Porter are, keep Loose Women and any other television off during work hours. You wouldn’t watch TV if you were in the office.

4. Move – This one is simple, get up and have a move around and take a break. It’s very easy to get stuck at your desk if you can’t leave the house. If you have a high counter in your house, try spending an hour working stood up. If you don’t there is a risk that you might return from isolation with some serious back issues.

5. Use technology to stay connected – There are many programmes out there like Stack or Microsoft teams that make connecting easier. Get on video calls for face to face conversations with your colleagues, it will help your sanity. 

Most of all, act as if you’re at work and make sure you put your tools down at the end of the day to enjoy your leisure time. If you’re working from home then it can be very easy for your work life to infiltrate your homelife, so maintain your boundaries and try to keep a balance between work and life.

If you’re looking for temporary work or need resources for your business then email the People Source team at or head over to the job page here. We are still operating through the current climate, with many of our system’s cloud based and consultants happy to take your call. 

This is a difficult time, but it is a time to stand together and look out for one another. When this is over it could change the landscape of how we work forever. From everyone at People Source, stay safe, be sensible and remember to wash your hands for 20 seconds.

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  Posted: 23/03/20