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The video interview: how to prepare for success

The video interview: how to prepare for success

The world of recruitment has seen disruptions in recent weeks, with many of us working from home, but it hasn’t stopped. Many companies are still hiring and looking for adaptable candidates who can support their businesses remotely due to many countries locking down their citizens.

Let’s imagine within all the madness, you’ve done it and secured a video interview. The interview is confirmed, date set and a request to join a Zoom or Google Hangouts call request has already landed in your inbox. The question is, what’s changed since video interviewing has become the new normal and how can you nail the video interview?

What’s new?

A usual interview question would be, “give an example of how you have worked well in a team”. This question is quickly being replaced with, “how do you work well independently?”. To nail this question, you'll need to prepare and give examples of how you can perform your role exceptionally from the comfort of your own home. Your goal is to convince your potential employer that they can trust you to do this job.

You might be asked to join in ongoing team chats relating to current projects. This is beginning to be an increasingly common way of checking if someone is a cultural fit for the business. In the call, the hiring manager will introduce you to the rest of the team and probably ask your opinion of certain topics to see how you come across in the virtual boardroom. 

Finally, you might find an increase in businesses using psychometric tests to gauge how you might behave in certain situations and how you might fit in culturally with the team. Both you and the employer will be going into this blind; you won’t be able to get a feel for the workplace and they might not get a feel for you as a person, which is why these tests might be used to gather data on you as a team member. 

Tips for nailing your video interview

First impressions still matter and there is still a video interview dress code so make sure you dress appropriately for the position you are interviewing for. A great way to check what is appropriate is by visiting the interviewer’s website and social media pages to get a feel for the company. Do they come across as corporate? Probably best to go for a suit. Does it feel more relaxed? Maybe just a shirt. Use your best judgement. 

Your room's background is also important, make sure you have something sensible behind you. Try to avoid anything too distracting, you want the interviewer to be interested in you and not the funky art collection hanging on your wall. If you have children or family in the house with you then we highly recommend letting them know not to distract you, otherwise you might end up in a situation like Professor Robert Kelly

Don’t forget to practice beforehand with a friend or family member. This is a great way to get used to being on a video interview, check your internet connection is working well and try eradicating any bad habits like fidgeting or staring into space before the real deal. 

Something to look out for...

A good sign that your interview is going well is its duration. The hiring manager and decision-makers are giving their time to find out more about you and the more time they invest in you, the more they’re invested in you. This would be the same face to face and virtually, if they have decided you're not for them then the interview would close off quickly. 

That’s our piece, we hope it has given you an insight into how to tackle any video interviews you have coming up. We still have a variety of roles coming out daily, so if you think you have your technique locked down but not had a chance to put it into practice, then head over to our jobs page

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  Posted: 01/05/20