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People Source’s highlights from CES 2020

People Source’s highlights from CES 2020

CES 2020 finished last week and some incredible tech was announced at the show. If you’re not familiar with it, CES has been a global stage for innovation for the last 50 years and allowed businesses to show breakthrough consumer technologies. 

It features a range of gadgets that will be available to buy this year but also showcases some more ambitious products that might not be on the market for a while. The show gives a glimpse into what the future might hold for the everyday. 

Here are our highlights from CES this year: 

1. Segway’s New S-Pod BUGGY – Segway has showcased what they call a “Personal Transporter”. The self-balancing pod can hit speeds of 24mph and is controlled by a joystick in the arm of the chair. Segway marketing director Jeff Wu said the concept model did not have a safety belt, which is unfortunate as the S-Pod did crash during its demonstration. The pod comes out this year, but we’ll probably stick to walking until they perform a few more safety tests. 

2. Dell’s Alienware concept UFO – This is one for the PC gamer. Dell have created a handheld device that looks like the Nintendo switch but gives PC gamers access to their game library without having to drag a laptop around. The future of the gaming industry is combining portable and at-home gaming. Nintendo are out the gate first with Dell following but it won’t be long until Sony and Microsoft follow suit. 

3. Hyundai’s flying taxis – Partnering with Uber, the flying car is looking to be deployed in 2023. They are designed to fly up to 60 miles and can reach a cruising speed of 180mph. The taxi is said to be completely electric and can be recharged in just 5 minutes. Hyundai have not mentioned if they have conducted any test flights or the cost of the taxi yet but its likely going to be more than the Saturday night surcharge. 

4. Samsung’s Ballie – It looks like a little yellow version of the Star Wars droid BB-8 and will follow you around the house to act as your personal assistant. The small robot has built in AI, a camera and mobile interface that is designed to ease your daily household admin. It’s the first step towards personal home robot and is designed to be your companion as well as a trip hazard so stay vigilant. Samsung has issued a warning to interested pet owners that their dogs will need to be trained not to bite it. 

5. Neon’s avatars – Neon are a start-up that have grown out of Samsung’s Technology and Advanced Research Lab and used CES to showcase their first project. They released digital humans that are designed to look and act like real people. They’re not robots but avatars that feature on full length screens. Neon stated that this AI is not designed to be a personal assistant but more like brand spokespeople, fitness instructors, and take up similar instructive roles. 

6. Finally, and probably the most ridiculous robot at CES is the Charmin Toilet assistant. The robot is designed to deliver you a fresh toilet paper roll if you find you have run out while in the loo. The robot can also warn you if the bathroom is “safe”. We’re not going to expand any further than that but you can use your imagination. Its goal is to ease toilet anxiety and whether it is a PR stunt or not, we are talking about it. 

 Use the comment section on social media to let us know your favourite takeaways from the show.

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  Posted: 14/01/20