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People Source face 3 Peaks Challenge for Charity

People Source face 3 Peaks Challenge for Charity

One day earlier this year, one of our Consultants (who won’t be named for his own safety) sent an email around the office asking who would be interested in undertaking the 3 Peaks 24 hour challenge this year as part of our fundraising efforts for MacMillan Cancer Support and Action for Children. A couple of mountains… can’t be too hard right? Especially as we are based in Bristol which seems to have built its entire city scape on the hilliest terrain possible – bring it on we said! 

A few months of training and equipment gathering ensued before the team embarked on what seemed like a pretty cool challenge. Tom, Fraser, Lauren, Andrew and Ria left the office on Friday and endured a 12 hour bus ride up to Scotland before enjoying 3 hours sleep in preparation for our 1st ascent up Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK at 4409 ft.

People Source Charity 3 Peaks Challenge  Ria and Lauren on Ben Nevis

Why are we doing this??!                                                                                           Ria and Lauren hiking up Ben Nevis

Andrew on Ben Nevis  Fraser on Ben Nevis

Andrew the team Sherpa!                                                                                         Fraser taking in the views on Ben Nevis

Being at the foot of a huge mountain at 6am on a Saturday morning wouldn’t normally be my idea of fun, said Ria, Marketing Manager at People Source, but I was pretty excited about this challenge! Being a part of Byte Night for Action for Children has been really rewarding and I wanted to do something that would help me raise a lot of money and do something extraordinary. By the time I got half an hour from the summit I was ready to give up – nothing can prepare you for the strain of such a climb! 2 things kept me going (apart from my walking poles that were heavily relied upon!). One was my team mates who were incredibly supportive of each other. One of the greatest things about People Source is its people, and this became even clearer when we had to help each other through sleep deprivation, hunger, aches, pains, fears and injuries over the weekend. The boys took my backpack and encouraged me up the mountain – right to the summit which was about 2 degrees, so misty that you could barely see your own hands and severely windy! In fact, it was so dangerous up there that after we arrived they stopped letting people up to the top! The 2nd thing that kept me going was the very reason I was doing this – Action for Children. I had set myself a challenge and have raised a lot of money so I couldn’t possibly give up when I was so close to the top!

Lauren top of Ben Nevis  Ria and Frazer Ben Nevis Summit

Lauren bracing to strong winds on Ben Nevis                                                 Ria and Fraser nearing Ben Nevis Summit

The Team reach the Summit  Ben Nevis Summit

The team reach the top of Ben Nevis                                                                 Tom and Fraser looking elated before they freeze...

The rest of the weekend went by in a blur. We were unfortunately held up by traffic on route to Scafell which set us back time wise. The boys tackled the 3209ft Scaffel Pike and got lost on top of the mountain because it was pitch black and incredibly dangerous! After helping them get over their ordeal with a hot stew cooked by Lauren we headed off to Snowdon (3560 ft) where we scaled the side of the mountain in the rain and mist – it was quite possibly one of the most dangerous things I have ever encountered! But we took the easy walk back to base and arrived at around 10am Sunday morning. We didn’t complete the challenge in 24 hours but this was beyond our control as traffic played a big part in our late arrival at Scafell – but we didn’t care, just doing one mountain is tough enough, never mind 3! All in all, it was a very tiring, Lucozade and biscuit fuelled weekend where we pushed ourselves to the limits and worked together to accomplish one of the toughest challenges in the UK! 

Tom Welch Ratcliffe on Scaffel Pike  The boys lost on Scaffel

Tom takes on Ben Nevis                                                                                           The boys waiting to hear from mountain rescue!

An excellent weekend trip, amazing individual and team experience, and 24 hours that I'll never forget! 

Andrew Pryce Jones, Recruitment Consultant

A great challenge for both physical and mental durability. Delighted we completed it and able to say I have climbed the three highest peaks in the UK to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support!

Fraser Wood, Recruitment Consultant

Snowdon Summit  Finished!

Fraser, Ria and Tom on top of Snowdon                                                               Very tired looking mountaineers

The Three Peaks Challenge was an arduous but extremely gratifying test of our team’s ability to work together and complete the massive task of climbing Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowden. I had a lot of fun trying my best not to twist my ankles on the varying angles of protruding rocks, persevering through the torrential rain and navigating our way through the pitch black surroundings of Scafell Pike. As a team we worked really well ensuring that everyone was pushed to their limits which helped us feel like we did earn the money we raised for our charities.

Tom Welch Ratcliff, Delivery Manager

It was well worth the blisters, constant wet socks and uncomfortable long distance drives though – we raised:

£1331.50 for Action for Children

Byte Night Action for Children

£487.99 for MacMillan Cancer Support

MacMillan Cancer Support

...and there is more to come with a few People Source team members signed up to sleep out at Byte Night on the 2nd October.

If you would like to support our charity team please visit our Just Giving page here.

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  Posted: 16/09/15