More than money

We are proud to offer all our staff generous basic wages and uncapped commission plans but a recent study claims that many staff members value benefits almost as much as remuneration. To gain an insight into this, we had a look at the 2000 strong employee benefits survey conducted by the market research company “One Poll”.

The benefit that employees across all age demographics wanted more than anything else was flexible working. This is because idea of work has been reimagined. People can still love what they do but they also want a life and want their employers to help them have a life.

If you type “pros and cons of working in recruitment” into a popular search engine you will see a theme. “It’s demanding”, “It will eat into your weekends” and “it will take over your life”. So, is it possible to operate in this industry and offer this benefit?

Absolutely. We pride ourselves as being at the forefront of industry change. We aren’t saying the job is not hard work and there is always going to be the occasional late night, but; we are strong believers in a work life balance and offering flexible working hours (along with numerous other benefits) to everyone underneath our roof.

The impact of this perk in our professional eco-system is clear. Productivity is increased, absence levels are down, and we have bonded teams and a happier less stressed workforce. It might not be the whole secret to our success but it’s a big part of it.

Our door is currently open to consultants at all levels. If you want to bring balance back to your life, be incentivised rather than KPI’d and work for a company that sets the bench mark for others then People Source might just be the place for you.

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