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Have you been thinking about getting a job in recruitment? Recruitment is a brilliant career that sees you being rewarded based on personal achievement rather than having to wait for a promotion. The harder you work, the more you benefit! A recruitment job will see you progress quickly. Your personal development is a major part of the role and will see you learning new skills every day. You could be leading a team within a few years, and afford the lifestyle that some people can only dream of!

This doesn’t come easy as you do have to put a lot of hours in and really dedicate yourself to the role, so coming into work every day and enjoying your job is vital. People Source have cultivated an environment that attracts, inspires and develops brilliant consultants who have collectively given People Source a reputation for being one of the best IT Recruitment Consultancies (check out our awards!).

After a few years with People Source as an Internal Recruiter, I am often asked how to get into recruitment and what it takes to become successful. Here is my advice to any aspiring Trainee Recruitment Consultant...


Recruitment Jobs Bristol Phone Achievements Trainee Recruitment Jobs Bristol

A background in a sales job will put you ahead of the crowd, especially if you have telephone experience. This is because you will already have the skills necessary to be engaging on the phone. Which isn’t always easy - you have to gage a person’s mood and adapt to their communication style quite quickly in recruitment. 

Ensure your achievements are listed in your CV – what targets have you met/exceeded? Have you excelled in something extracurricular like a sport? Make sure your CV is well written and spell checked. You will be communicating with candidates and clients every day via telephone and email – correct grammar is vital!

Recruiter Jobs Person

What’s great about you? Talk about your achievements, your passions, your ambitions. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Your personality will take you a long way in the recruitment process: don’t let nerves get the better of you! Take control of your fears and anxieties. Be open and honest throughout the interview process –even when asked the most difficult questions - you are often being tested for your resilience. Which you need bags of in this industry. Your job will involve negotiating – you have to prove your ability to not get nervous in a potentially difficult situation. 


On Time Jobs in Recruitment Bristol get into recruitment people source

One thing that always impresses me is when an aspiring recruiter gets on the phone and sells themselves without even sending a CV. Those who have set up lots of interviews with agencies because they know that Recruitment is their dream job. They are immediately engaging, have a positive attitude and stand out from the crowd.

Be on time for your interviews. In fact, be there 10 minutes early! It demonstrates your punctuality which is vital in this role. Be smart, whilst IT recruitment jobs are mostly phone based there may be times you have to meet a client so appearance is important.


The Rollercoaster

Your first year will be challenging, full of ups and downs and when you see the term ‘resilience’ in recruitment job advert, it’s not just piece of jargon to fill up the skill requirements section – you will truly need it. You will learn a lot - essential skills in business development, relationship management, networking, negotiation techniques. You will make mistakes along the way but when you make your first few placements you will have a permanent grin on your face and feel like bouncing around the office in celebration – and this is the feeling that Recruiters live for. Recruitment is a rollercoaster: there may be fears to overcome, you experience plenty of ups and downs, the highs are exhilarating and you want to do it over and over again!

 What recruitment is really like - People Source IT Recruitment

The Lifestyle

The financial reward from recruitment comes with hard work, resilience, goal setting, and the best communication skills in the world. Always be wary of recruitment companies that sell the dream of a 6 figure salary and an Aston Martin in the first year. This is achievable, but here’s the reality: recruitment is like setting up your own business and what business sees this return so quickly? In your first year, you will earn more than your peers certainly, but you will be on a learning curve, establishing relationships with clients who have never worked with you before, earning trust, building a network of talent. Recruitment is a meritocratic environment where you are responsible for your success which is based on your own personal achievement. 

Changing Lives

You can make a difference. Yes, recruitment is a platform to succeed quicker than your peers, a route to a lifestyle that affords more than average, but you are genuinely responsible for changing people’s lives. Imagine sitting at your desk, feeling underpaid for the hard work you put in and little chance of promotion. You pick up the phone to a headhunter with your dream job at a great company. You feel amazing! This is how you will make your candidates feel. This is an ideal scenario – it can be really hard to find the right talent sometimes, but like I said, recruitment isn’t always easy!

Does this all sound like the kind of career that will fuel your ambitions? A job in recruitment is truly rewarding and I would recommend it to anybody who is looking for a new challenge!

If you are looking for a recruitment job in Bristol Contact Ria on 0117 922 7000 to discuss opportunities at People Source.