European Women in Technology

Over the next two days the European Women in Technology conference will be taking place in Amsterdam. This platform gives over three thousand tech leaders and professionals from different sectors the chance to come together, share knowledge, network and celebrate diversity in the technology industry.

Statistics show there is an absence of women in the tech sector, only 19% of the digital tech workforce is female, 5% of leadership positions in the tech industry are held by women and only 3% of young women consider a career in technology.

The good news is times are changing and great conferences like this one are helping to create the role models and leaders that will bridge the gender gap in the technology sector. We hope we can do something to help as well.

If you’re a technical graduate or specialist looking for your first or next role, please send your CV to the team here. You can also keep an eye on our jobs feed and page. We’ll look at the only factor that’s important; your ability, and will find you a career and salary that matches it.

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