The 2018 European Cyber Security month is coming to an end and we have seen some great awareness campaigns. According to specialists, there have been 925,633,824 cyber-attacks in September 2018 alone! That’s a huge amount of attacks in just one month and doesn’t include the attacks that haven’t been discovered or reported. It got the team curious about who has been targeted in the past.

In June 2018, a local mattress and furniture supply store in Winnipeg was forced to pay a hacker $6,000 Canadian dollars. The hacker shut down their servers, effectively stopping the independent store from trading and holding them to ransom.

In the same month the country of Slovakia had its hands full with a massive number of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. In the space of 10 minutes the government’s networks were attacked roughly 30 times. This prevented the government from providing certain services to the public.

These examples show it doesn’t matter if you are a mattress seller or the 117th biggest population in the world, there is no usual suspect for who can be targeted. The attacks come from opportunists and if you are not prepared you could get caught out.

As security tools evolve to protect you online, the attacks they’re protecting you from become more sophisticated and staying ahead can become difficult. At People Source we understand the idea of properly protecting yourself can be daunting but we believe we can help.

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