About Public Sector IT Services

Our public sector IT services team have a long history of supporting government departments, local authorities, government agencies and healthcare organisations in the UK and Europe.

Our public sector IT services are procured to deliver everything from large scale, time-critical services to UK authorities that have instigated massive change, to internal cloud support and transition services.

As an IT supplier under these frameworks, we have been subject to an extensive procurement process, ensuring we offer the full scope of services, value for money and are compliant with governance required by customers in the public sector.

How to work with us

Our public sector IT services are available to procure through a number of government portals. Get in touch with us directly to find out more how we operate in the public domain, via the following channels:

  • Digital Outcomes and Specialists Framework

    We deliver digital outcomes, digital specialists and user research services through the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework lots 1 and 2.

  • G-Cloud - Cloud support

    Our cloud support services offer a range of flexible models to help you set up and maintain your cloud software or hosting services. Click here to download our service definition document.

  • Cyber Security Services 3

    Public sector buyers can procure an extensive variety of cyber security services from a People Source.

  • ESPO

    One of the UK's largest Professional Buying Organisations (PBO), this is a customer focused organisation owned by the public sector.

  • NHS RM6160 Non Clinical Temporary and Fixed Term Staff

    Providing access to secure quality candidates regionally and nationally across the UK.

  • HealthTrust Europe

    Consultancy and Advisory Services.

  • The Aurora Engineering Partnership - Engineering Delivery Partner

Clients we work with