We specialise in the provision of bespoke outcome-based consulting and workforce solutions. The services are tailored to you and designed to retain and evolve your existing teams while providing you an additional and affordable contingent labour-like team.

To deliver your project, we deploy teams of experienced consultants alongside service and delivery co-ordinators, turning your organisations ambitions into reality while following all governance controls.

Why choose LOBES

  • We are underpinned by the global Manpower Group, a world leader in innovative workforce solutions.
  • We offer a full range of digital and technology delivery capabilities including 24/7 service management and hands-on support.
  • Services can be scaled as needed, from individuals and small teams in a multi-sourced environment, up to large end-to-end programme and project delivery teams.
  • We are able to manage infrastructure, develop agile technology solutions using leading cloud platform capabilities and provide architecture principles and models.
  • Our delivery services are complemented by our dedicated co-ordination service and extended PMO services.
  • Our pedigree ensures that we are able to provide innovative services to support your business’ unique and complex IT challenges.

What we do

Technology services and assets are crucial to your business activity, and you need to ensure they are working perfectly to meet the demands of your customers and stay ahead of the competition.

The LOBES framework allows you to do this cost effectively by accessing our experience and expertise whenever you need it, freeing you up to concentrate on your business and gaining competitive advantage.

  • Architecture

    We offer architecture service provision in areas such as developing architectural requirements, defining principles, and providing architecture models to deliver technically complex and cutting-edge solutions, keeping our clients ahead of the game.

    We enhance your IT enterprise strategy, providing high quality architecture professionals to improve technology capabilities and initiatives.

  • Agile Delivery

    We offer high calibre development resources providing scrum and lean development practices, to produce quality solutions that exceed clients’ expectations.

    We ensure your solutions are scalable and support the challenging demands of the business.

  • DevOps

    DevOps provide you with leading cloud platform capabilities - automating software delivery to make your products and processes more reliable and robust, so you can respond to challenges and keep ahead of the competition.

  • Service Management

    We offer a full range of digital and technology delivery capabilities and support services, including 24/7 service management, support and monitoring.

  • Specialist Services

    We implement, monitor and maintain your IT solutions, including Network Analysis, System Administration, Security & Information Assurance, IT audits, Database and Web Administration, Current and Future technology trends, Artificial Intelligence and deep learning provision.

  • PMO

    We have an extensive pool of experienced project and programme delivery specialists who have expert knowledge and capabilities that are able to provide our clients a dedicated service co-ordination function, as well as extended PMO services.

Benefits of our services

  • Transparency

  • Migrated Risk

  • Insight

  • Compliance

  • Light Approach

  • Knowledge