How it works?

An employed consulting model is when a specialist or specialists are employed directly by People Source and then deployed onsite for your specific assignment. We tailor this model to suit your needs, vertical, size and details of your assignment.

This model gives you access to a highly skilled talent pool, without adding your permanent headcount or support functions. These specialists can work across your business to grow and train teams so you can continue you prosper after our engagement ends.

How the Model benefits you?


    No hidden fees or charges, our costs are transparent and are fixed for the duration of our contract, saving you money.


    Employed consultants are permanent employees of People Source, meaning IR35 is not applicable, the co-employment risk is removed, and long engagements are safe.


    Employed Consultants have the flexibility of contractors and complement your permanent hiring programmes.


    Less recruiting time and effort required from you, employed consultants can build, retain and train new or existing teams.


Best Practise

The employed consulting model works best for complex projects and assignments, which usually last at least six months or are ongoing. The model can be implemented against a majority of roles but we find it is best suited to Project Management, PMO, Business Analysts, Delivery Managers, Planners and Technical Authors.

How we can support you:
  • Roadmap services to optimise savings and fit with your budget

  • Independent analysis of your business as usual teams, contractors and freelancers

  • Guidance on your level of risk

  • Remove contract management, administration or HR burden

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