What we do

We have a wide portfolio of managing security assessments and devising strategies for businesses across the UK and Europe, helping them to quantify the services they need, scale-up response teams and introduce assets that detect and counter a range of threats or breaches.

Our cyber security consultancy services are led by highly skilled consultants with a deep understanding of the threats organisations are facing. We can support you through full cyber security transformation, introduce new controls and manage/minimise risk.

  • Managed security services

  • Risk Assessment, strategy and compliance services

  • Risk and threat Management

  • Security architecture and Infrastructure implementation

Benefits of our service

  • Knowledge sharing

    We assess your security risk, outline gaps in existing systems and provide detailed reports of your business and compliance needs.

  • Cost reduction

    Through our outcome-based consultancy models, we can strengthen your defences at lower costs than leading consultancy competition.

  • 24/7 support

    We have a history of building support teams dedicated to responding to cyber threats round the clock.

  • Expert led

    Our cyber security consultants are experts in their fields, offering unrivalled advice to your business and facilitating effective implementation of all security systems.

Case study: MoD Defence Digital


We were asked to provide a Security Assurance Coordination (SAC) team to undertake a variety of Security/Assurance related technical support tasks, as well as cover SAC support to software upgrades (O2016/ Windows 10), MODNET-Official, MODNET-Secret, MODNET-Overseas, O365 E5 licence capability rollout, including 13 additional defence-wide capabilities and IUS Fixed Voice and Mobile Voice & Data Services.


We provided a team of 6 Security Assurance Coordinators – SACs to Defence Digital covering:

  • Windows10
  • O365
  • Fixed Voice OFFICIAL, SECRET, & Overseas
  • Mobile Voice and Data Services


A flexible and scalable team of trusted and highly skilled security assurance specialists partnered with the Defence Digital Team to achieve programme outcomes. Our security consultants already had an in-depth knowledge of the Defence Digital technology so were able to deliver from day one. They also had experience across government and private sectors so they could introduce innovative ways of working and knowledge share beyond the end date of the contract, providing real value add.

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