We recently came across an email programme called Re:Scam powered by Netsafe. To clue you in, this is an AI chatbot designed to reply to scam emails. In the interest of net safety you should never reply to a scam email, but by forwarding the email to RE:Scam it can identify the phishing attempt and reply. Its main purpose is to waste scammers’ time and prevent others from being scammed; as it stands the AI bot has sent 1,012,531 emails and roughly taken up 5 years of scammers’ time.

Re:Scam is an interesting concept and innovative way to use AI chatbots to support the fight against online fraud. However, it’s not the only market introducing AI chatbots to improve services and experiences. We say “introducing” but chatbots have already become a cornerstone of modern life. Not sure what I mean? Just say, “Hey Siri”, “Alexa” or “Ok Google” and your own personal chatbot (more commonly known as “digital assistant”) will be at your beck and call.

These chatbots are based on machine learning and can provide an experience that resembles a conversation with a real person – the more they chat, the more they learn. The chatbots can offer extensive real time customer service 24/7, increase customer engagement, monitor consumer data, gain insights into your market, support your customer journey and probably most importantly, save your business money.

Your business could benefit from this tool but getting it off the ground can be challenging without the right people. You want implementation to be done right first time and that’s something we can guarantee. Our network of developers, UI/UX designers, engineers and testers have all the capabilities you need to launch your own chatbot. We can bring you interim specialists for permanent solutions to evolve your business and improve your customers experiences.

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