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People Source Recruitment Tips

Looking for some tips?

Are you doing everything you can to find a job? You need to make sure that your CV can be found by the right people and that your energy is focused on delivering results.

Our useful tips should help you on your way:

Process: Create a process to manage and follow up your job applications. Make note of jobs that you apply for, the agent contact details and whether you’ve heard back or not – It’s really easy to forget what you’ve applied for and lose track of a good lead.                                   

Pick up the phone: Many people get frustrated when they don’t get a response to their application; the truth is that with competitive vacancies a hiring manager or consultant can get inundated with responses and the role could even get filled before your CV is seen. Within 24 hours of applying follow up your application with a phone call to the company/agent. This way, you can set yourself apart from other candidates and start to build a trusted relationship with your recruitment representative. 

Highlight your skills: Take the time to demonstrate why you’re the right candidate by making sure that the most relevant skills for the job are highlighted throughout your CV, talk about the projects you have worked on and how you implemented your skills. What new skills have you learned along the way? You might not think a few months experience is worth mentioning, but that could be the deal breaker - especially with a company who are keen to invest in your learning and development!

Focus on your achievements: Throughout your CV and in any conversations you have you should focus on your achievements. There may be a number of people with similar experience to you, but it’s what you’ve personally achieved that will make all the difference. How did you make a difference in your last job? What effect did that have on the success of the project you were working on?

Share your CV: If you’re serious about finding a job upload your CV to as many job boards and recruitment agency websites as possible. For help with your CV, use our free CV generator.

LinkedIn: Do you have a LinkedIn account? If not, you should really invest some time in getting one and completing all areas, including uploading a photograph. Almost all recruiters are on LinkedIn and statistics show that more than 15% of people are being recruited through LinkedIn alone.

Use your contacts: Create a list of all of your current and past colleagues, recruiters, trainers, suppliers, managers etc, and contact them to see if they’re hiring or would like to recommend you.

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